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VCRiot's News

Posted by VCRiot - 12 days ago


Posted by VCRiot - 2 weeks ago


So, in an attempt to prevent the previous stream from being blocked, I used Youtube's built-in mute button for the mashup song that got striked. If you're wondering why there's a chunk of the stream that's silent, you now know why.

The good news is that the stream is still up for anyone to watch.

The bad news is that editing streams on Youtube, disables the chat history, which is baffling to say the least.

If you want to listen to the mashup songs featured on the stream, I have them all on my Soundcloud playlist:




Posted by VCRiot - 1 month ago


Good news, everyone! I'll be doing another Trivia Night tomorrow (7/7/2022) at 7pm Eastern Time!


If you’re not familiar with my trivia doodle streams, I ask the chat random questions and the first person to answer correctly will win a free sketch from yours truly! However, this time around, there will be a 30 minute time limit for each sketch. Not only will this be a good test for my current art skills but it'll also give more people a chance to win a sketch too!

With that said, complicated sketches have a smaller chance of being finished so keep that in mind when you're thinking of ideas. Aside from that, the usual rules still apply:

1. One character per winner. Fictional characters only.

2. Requests can’t be too risqué for a Youtube stream. Remember, we’re on Youtube, they want everything to be family friendly, including streams.

3. No complex props. Props are fun to draw but if they have an excessive amount of detail, they basically count as a second character.

4. I have the right to refuse any request.


And that’s pretty much the gist of it. If you have any questions about the stream or the guidelines above, feel free to ask here. To save time, it’s best to already have an idea ready before the stream starts. Even if you don’t win a sketch, you can always try again next time or better yet, commission a different artist to draw it. Best of luck, everybody!


Posted by VCRiot - April 19th, 2022

Hey hey people,

got some bad news and good news. Bad news is that'll I have to reschedule the Trivia Night stream from tomorrow to Friday (4/22). The good news is that I doodled the Mega Milk pose again but with Power from Chainsaw Man.


I'm getting better at drawing memes. Prepare yourself.



Posted by VCRiot - April 3rd, 2022

New month, new stream schedule!


I'll be working on the fifth chapter of Cataclysm Club throughout the month so there might be some unscheduled streams popping up until it's finished. It's a short chapter and I would love to have it all done on stream. Wish me luck!

I'm also planning a random doodle stream where the chat can throw out ideas for me to try out. Keep in mind that the request rules still apply here.

Speaking of which, there will be a Trivia Night this month! If you are the first to answer a trivia question correctly, you'll win a free sketch!

And that's all I have to say about that.

Stream art promo by me!

Posted by VCRiot - April 2nd, 2022


Posted by VCRiot - March 23rd, 2022



I'll be working on the storyboards for chapter 5 this Thursday @ 8:30pm Eastern Time! Feel free to drop by and say hi!


Posted by VCRiot - February 3rd, 2022


New month, new stream schedule!

Trying to git gud with my art thing this Saturday (2/5 at 7:30pm Eastern Time).

Later in the night, I'll be checking out a couple of games in my Steam library (Late Shift / Sayonara Wild Hearts).

Next week will feature a special game night, Ninja Night! I'll be playing a bit of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 and Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. Feel free to drop in next Friday (2/11 at 7pm EST).

And finally, there'll be one last Chilling & Doodling stream before the month is over (Tuesday, 2/22 at 8:30pm). I'll be working on some Danganrona pics I've been planning for a while now.

and that's all I have to say about that.

Posted by VCRiot - January 27th, 2022

Working on another thumbnail for a Youtube vid.



Posted by VCRiot - January 4th, 2022


New year, new month, new stream schedule!

I'll finally be playing Danganronpa S on the Switch this Friday! (1/7 at 7pm Eastern Time)

The first Trivia Night of the year starts on Saturday next week! (1/15 at 5pm EST)

Trivia Night is a great opportunity to have your favorite characters or memes drawn. Be sure to check out the guidelines if you've never played before: https://vcriot.newgrounds.com/news/post/1232732

Good luck and have fun!