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Time well spent

+ Nice use of 3D
+ Good background music
+ Dogs with guns on their backs
- Bland Environment
- Power ups disappear too quickly

Very solid game in general. Great way to kill free time by killing zombies. If you are planning on making a sequel, a nice improvement would be more guns and more scenery.
On a side note, the zombie dogs are a pain in the **** XD

Not Bad

+Short but sweet quiz
+ Fitting background music
- Repetitive questions
- Questionable answers?

I can never get enough of zombie games. In my experience of all the other zombie tests out there, this one is not bad. There are a few questions in the quiz that I felt were repeating a previous one and several answers were too broad or vague to be considered an option.
Overall, its a nice nod to the undead genre that can be experienced in a short lunch break.

Great game packed in a short time

Very addicting game. The random pop ups were a bit annoying and the game could have given us more time to play but overall, its fun, short, and sweet.

-Addictive, fast paced gameplay
-Fitting music
-Great game idea

Simple yet creative

I don't play difference games that often, but the artwork in this game grabbed my attention. I've taken a liking to the alternate fairy tale idea and I look forward to more games that carry the same dark, twisted atmosphere that this game presents.

-Simple gameplay
-Inspiring artwork
-Charming music

good game overall. *spoilers* On a side note, I'm not sure if Goldilocks died or ate the bears. Either way, pretty twisted and unque atmosphere.

Could have been better

-Interesting game idea
-Creative control scheme
-Average graphics
-Short game

I love the concept of the game, it has potential to be a great game but the short game length and blurry graphics hold it back from that. I would also like to mention the frequent music stops, maybe that was to emphasize the slow motion effect but it ruins the rhythm of speed which makes the player feel like he is going slower than he actually is. Overall it is a nice game and the ending sequence was quite enjoyable. With some more time and work put into it, you might have yourself a fun and addicting game in the future.

Up to Standards

-Good music overall
-Well made graphics
-Interesting premise
-Straight-forward plot
-Average gameplay

The game is fun overall. It brings back the classic Newgrounds game feel,which is nice but other than the nice graphics and detail, the game doesn't bring much to the table when it comes with new material. Again, not a bad game but not a perfect one either.

Re-imagining a classic

-Great animation overall
-Unique art style
-Dark atmosphere
-Memorable remake of a classic story

You do not see many games like this on Newgrounds, its been a while since I have encountered games based on fairy tales but this one has a special aspect to it that makes it stand out from the others.


At first, I did not know what to expect. From the title, it gave me a hint that this game was going to be interesting. I was right. This game is scary.

-Good game play
-Scary atmosphere and graphics
-Interesting plot
-Fitting music to the very end

This game was incredible if you have the courage to play it that is.

Great but half baked :I

Best Gameplay
Great Graphics
Amazing Audio
Better AI
Genius Idea
*I was pretty ticked off when the Newgrounds version of this game does not have the army base and MADE THE BEST WEAPONS EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO ARMORGAMES
.com I was pretty mad. IT WAS LIKE PUTTING GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO THE WII. Either way a solid game and a perfect sequel. Please next time give us the full package.


-Music was amazing

-Animations are smooth

-Great idea and concept

*overall, good

If I may ask, what is the name of the song you used in the game?

dak-tja responds:

Lake Bodom by Children of Bodom

I draw some pretty weird stuff so I hope you're okay with that. If not,

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